Exclusive phase measurement

The direct measurement of the phase of the electromagnetic field vector is essential for high-precision measurements. It allows total-field retrieval using solely physics’ laws without any approximations. This disruptive near-field technology natively generates real-time, full radiofrequency, and precise measurement of antenna radiations. The D-PHASE® technology is future-proof for addressing today's and tomorrow's key measurement challenges due to rapid and strong innovations in the wireless industry.

The simple principle is to avoid any mechanical movement of the probes: a fixed array made of several hundreds of RF Vector probes immersed in a wide band fluid and integrated into sealed phantoms. An electronically real-time scan of the probes combined with a vector spectrum analyzer for direct phase acquisition of radiofrequency signals (time-domain).

D-PHASE® for 5G and multiple emissions

For 5G mobile phones and multiple emissions, the recent publication of the IEC 62209-3 standard recognizes the D-PHASE® technology. This illustrates the industry needs for having sophisticated measurement technologies for SAR testing.


D.P.V.I (Device Positioning Validation Indicator) is part of the QUALITY CONTROL features:

D-Phase technology, measures on a 2D pla and use magnitude and phase to compute 3D EM field, peak-spatial averaged SAR and TRP value. The same measurands can also be used to optimize SAR measurements.

Using magnitude and phase acquisition and Maxwell equations, DPVI feature allows ART-MAN user to optimize DUT position on the SAR system

This optimization is done spatially by making sure that no emitted energy is outside measurement area and also spectrally by optimizing DUT orientation to minimize uncertainty