A New Horizon in 2024: Celebrating Success and Innovation at ART-Fi

Greetings from the ART-Fi family! As we step into 2024, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones, hoping this year brings fruition to your professional endeavors.

Reflecting on the challenges of the past year, a highlight has been our journey with the new SAR standard (EN 62209-3). Our resilience led to its acknowledgment in the Official Journal of the European Commission as of December 1st, 2023, marking a significant stride in wireless device performance and safety.

For over a decade, ART-Fi has been pioneering the field of electromagnetic wave measurement. Our unwavering dedication and substantial investments have been instrumental in reaching this pivotal stage. Today, our state-of-the-art technology, including the essential vector array technology for Near field phase measurements, is more crucial than ever.

Recognizing the industry's compliance challenges with long-standing standards, we remain committed to providing innovative measurement technologies that simplify these complexities. Our aim is to empower you to focus on crafting outstanding wireless devices, transforming health and safety from hurdles to benchmarks of excellence. 2024 is an exciting year, especially with the advent of new applications in RF near-field technology. This advancement unifies OTA and SAR measurements, promising cost efficiency, expedited processes, and enhanced quality.

A pivotal achievement in 2023 was our successful fundraising campaign. This milestone has significantly bolstered our capacity to innovate and expand. The funds raised are a testament to the faith our investors have in our vision and capabilities. This fresh capital injection is instrumental in furthering our development, embracing new partnerships, and steering the industry towards groundbreaking solutions.

Our commitment in the coming months is to work more closely with you. We aim to help you seamlessly integrate this avant-garde technology, offering expert consultations and tailoring its capabilities to meet your evolving needs.

We're thrilled to unveil "D-PHASE," the Direct Phase RF Phasor Near-Field Probe Array, a transformative solution in electromagnetic measurement. This innovation is a direct outcome of our successful fundraising, marking a new chapter in our journey to redefine the industry.

Our progress reflects our resilience and the trust of our partners and clients who value real-time, near-field RF testing. Despite initial regulatory challenges, our team, clients, partners, and investors have been the cornerstone of our journey. With the introduction of innovative RF near-field technology for OTA and SAR measurements in 2024, we are set to optimize costs, speed up processes, and enhance quality control. The support from our recent fundraising is crucial for our continued development and market transformation, in collaboration with existing and new partners.

Join us in this exciting journey to redefine wireless technology. Together, let's elevate the standards of wireless device design, making excellence not just an aspiration but a reality.

ART-Fi: Driving Innovation with Your Support