SAR typology

Human exposure limits



During a communication with a handheld or body-worn wireless device, biological tissues of the user are exposed to electromagnetic field energy. The frequencies used by a mobile phone or other commercial devices, radiofrequency power absorbed by human tissues are usually quantified in terms of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).


Limits of SAR averaged over the whole-body or locally over 1g or 10 gram of tissue (peak spatial-average) are established in international exposure guidelines / standards. In order to ensure the protection of public health and safety, national regulators have widely adopted such limits and recognized the use of measurement standards for assessing the peak spatial-average SAR [3]-[5]. Measuring a wireless device according to the adequate standard allows demonstrating the compliance with established limits.


Measurement standards specify the use of head and body mannequins or phantoms consisting of plastic shells filled with homogeneous tissue-simulating liquids. Test configurations, phantom shapes and dielectric properties of the liquids have been designed to ensure a conservative estimate (higher value) of measured SAR compared to the SAR in a person, for a large majority of exposure conditions.



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