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Real-time SAR measurement

Advanced SAR measurement

All telecom standards supported


3D field imaging

The Native features of SARLAB© aggregates core functions to perform rigorous standard-based SAR measurement in real-time. SARLAB© also measures the SAR of a device emitting in multiple emissions.

It encompasses the most recent and modern measurement procedures of international standards, meaning that for the first time ever, SAR measurement in real emission condition of use is now available.

Measuring in real emission conditions is essential from a metrological point of view wireless device's multiple emissions means that the device is emitting simultaneously on at least two frequencies. For example using a mobile phone as an “hotspot” (combining 4G + WiFi) or even wireless Bluetooth accessories connected to a smartphone are typical use cases based on multiple emission for 5G.

In addition, intraband carrier aggregation (contiguous or non-contiguous) as well as interband (Dual Carrier) are simultaneous transmissions that a SAR measurement system has to support.

The most recent 5G nSA standard, where 4G and or 5G streams are transmitted simultaneously, is even more complex to measure due to the multiplicity of combinations making the SAR measurement more challenging than ever.

As multiple emission mode is nowadays a native function of any wireless device (mobile and IoT), SAR measurement is more and more complex and challenging for manufacturers and test laboratories. This is why SAR measurement in real emission conditions is a must-have solution for the wireless device industry.



Real emission condition measurement


Simultaneous transmissions measurement (SAR Mx)


Direct SAR measurement (D-PHASE© technology)


High precision measurement

Real-time SAR measurement (standard-based)

SARLAB© perfoms high precision SAR measurement following the certification processes based on international standards (IEC 62209-3 standard).


Advanced SAR measurement

  • Device Real Multiple RF Emissions SAR: Mx SAR

Mx SAR is an exclusive SAR measurement value performed with wireless devices emitting in multiple RF emission mode during the test (3 GPP compliance) . This measurement goes beyond international standards requirements. It enables real Human RF exposure measurement of complex emissions emitted by wireless devices.


Multiple carrier emission
(multiple frequencies)

  • Simultaneous transmission (uncorrelated sources)

SARLAB© supports SAR measurement for any combination of uncorrelated devices emissions.
In order to make the test in real emission condition, D-PHASE© technology natively selects and analyzes the emission sources independantly from each other.


Multiple emissions

  • MIMO: Simultaneous transmission (correlated sources)

SARLAB© natively supports the SAR measurement of wireless devices made of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) transceiver.



  • Carrier Aggregation (4G+)

D-PHASE© supports any kind of carrier aggregation (CA) by using a rigorous approach of SAR measurement based on frequency selectivity.

All telecom Standard supported



SARLAB© provides real-time high precision for the 5G nSA SAR measurement: SARLAB© natively supports the 5G FR1 measurement requirements due to the exclusive radio frequency (RF) architecture of the ART-MAN© system. The RF Vector technology embedded in the ART-MAN©  system coupled with the SARLAB© is the unique solution to accurately measure new complex signals used in 5G such as wideband signals and multiple emissions. Adding the SARBORG© robot improves the efficiency of the 5G nSA measurement data.


3D field imaging

The SARLAB© brings easy 3D SAR visualization, allowing to zoom in and out and to rotate at 360° for a convenient view. Following the international standards requirements, SAR 3D field imaging for body and head phantoms are available for all major telecom standards (licensed and unlicensed).


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