ART-Fi raised € 2,3 million to speed up its 5G developments.
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ART-Fi raised € 2,3 million to speed up its 5G developments.

ART-Fi raised € 2.3 million while the market of electromagnetic waves exposure measurement of mobile phones and connected devices is preparing for major changes. ART-Fi will use these funds to accelerate its growth particularly on 5G, OTA and Tests in Production.


Paris-Orsay - France, 2019 June 28th 

In June 25th, 2019 during its Combined General Meeting of Shareholders and according to its investment program, ART-Fi – world expert in high-precision measurement of mobile and connected devices radiations - has proceeded to a capital increase of 2 350,000 euros. This transaction brings the capital of the company to € 11 million backed with a € 500,000 bond issue.
These funds will finance ART-Fi’s second stage development and will be used to accelerate its growth by enhancing the company's manufacturing capabilities to meet the increasing demand from worldwide customers, and also to reduce the time-to-market of innovative solutions such as 5G.

ART-MAN is the first measurement system embedding absolute accuracy, real-time SAR data and many exclusive features. The system is based on a disruptive vector-probes array technology related to innovative Maxwell's physics implementation. Supported by early adopters customers, ART-Fi technology will officially be recognized by the industry with the IEC 62209-3 standard release in September 2019. In sync with the ART-MAN’s performances, this new standard will accelerate mobile phones and IoT devices testing time and the adoption of the ART-MAN range by test laboratories and mobile manufacturers.

 "With our customers, we noticed that developments in embedded technologies for mobile phones and connected devices require high-performance tools, including a high level of precision in real time when measuring antenna radiations. ART-Fi's main priority is to deliver products that fully respect theses customers’ requirements, while reducing costs and accelerating the time-to-market of their products. "
Stéphane Pannetrat, co-founder and CEO of ART-Fi.

 The ART-MAN speed and accuracy opens up new landscapes and makes it possible to systematically test all the mobile phones in production lines. This solution will reassure end users and will offer the best security level for both consumers and mobile manufacturers, in a trend of increasing controls from international regulators. In France, the market is growing among manufacturers and re-conditioners, and ART-Fi already deployed this service for a key player, who is testing more than 5000 mobiles per day. 

ART-Fi, a French company, innovative and client-centric, based in the cluster of Paris-Saclay in Orsay, is strongly supported by the French government and the European Commission. ART-Fi customers are located in all Geos, including China, USA and Canada, South Korea, Japan, and several countries in Europe.




SAR : Spécifique Absorption Rate

DAS : débit d'absorption spécifique

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High precision solution for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing & measurement. SAR measurement solutions. Manufactured in France. Precise SAR testing services.  SAR Testing for IEC and FCC | SAR Compliance Testing. ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies. ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation. All ART-MAN systems are manufactured in France. Solutions de mesures de haute précision du débit d'absorption spécifique (DAS).  

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