IMST Releases XPU 7.0 of their 3D-EM Simulation Software
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IMST Releases XPU 7.0 of their 3D-EM Simulation Software

Congratulations to the IMST Team for the XPU 7.0 release! Here is our brief review of a few key features.

Congratulations to the IMST Team for the XPU 7.0 release

At ART-Fi, we use EMPIRE software by IMST for our 3D-EM Simulation services. We're also a reseller.

We would like to offer our congratulations to the IMST Team for an excellent XPU 7.0 release of the software!

You can find a list of release features here. However, rather than simply go over this list, we’d like to reduce the release to its essence.

ART-MAN is an EMPIRE reseller, so if you’re interested in getting the latest XPU 7.0 release, contact us.

User-friendly upgrades

For starters, the release isn’t merely technical – it’s also geared toward the customer. The user interface is new, easy to use, and represents a significant upgrade over previous iterations of the software. We’re happy to see that EMPIRE values not only the technical side of their product, but also the overall engineering experience.

A complete new modern GUI design makes the software easier to use and indeed more powerful.

Beyond the fundamental structure and appearance of the software (menus, navigation, etc.), other user-oriented additions are present and very useful. Wizards for field and array setup make it easier to get your simulations rolling, and new templates and tutorials make it easier to get up-to-speed. Online help is available directly from quick links as well.

Technical upgrades


The major upgrade that comes with using the XPU technology is speed. Simulations are performed as much as 7 times faster with XPU technology, representing a significant boost over FDTD technologies.

Circuit Simulation


Features have also been added to EMPIRE XPU. Chief among them is the new Circuit Simulation Module.

For amplifier designers the design of matching networks is a crucial part of daily work. The usual workflow requires the simulation of the passive structure in a 3D field solver, the utilization of measured data for active or non-linear devices and merging the result into a circuit simulator for tuning the matching elements.

The new Empire software includes a circuit simulator. Inside the GUI, schematic circuit elements are available such as lumped resistors, capacitors, inductors, as well as couplers, lines and Touchstone files. These elements can be placed between the ports and connected with ideal wires. The simulator computes the complete scattering matrix and the circuit simulation is automatically carried out after the 3D EM simulation is finished.

This allows fast tuning of the complete amplifier design while profiting from the accuracy of the 3D full wave simulation. A combined EM and circuit model of a 24 GHz power amplifier design is shown here:

Amplifier design at 24 GHz

Advanced parametric modelling with symbolic equations is added, and the library has been extended with more embedded projects, traces, ribbon, and surface elements.

For a complete list of new features, check out the release notes on their site.


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