ART-FI officially presents SAR testing in production line to the french government
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ART-FI officially presents SAR testing in production line to the french government

Stéphane Pannetrat - ART-Fi CEO - has presented to Cedric O - French Minister of Telecommunications -  the revolutionary real-time ART-Fi SAR solution for testing all mobile phones directly in production line

In 2020 October 12th, during the visit of the French Minister of Telecommunication at ANFR’s HQ, Stéphane Pannetrat has officially presented the ART-MAN system to Cedric O. As mentioned earlier that day by ANFR’s CEO, the ART-MAN will equip within a few weeks the new ANFR SAR measurement laboratory near Paris.

The technology developed by ART-Fi, D-PHASE, allows the ART-MAN to be used during the design and the certification stages. It can also be used in any mass production assembly lines. The ART-Fi Test in Production solution enables to test each wireless device produced directly in the production line. This process is the most efficient to secure the certification conformity and to prevent from any SAR market recall by a regulator.

The systematic SAR testing in production solution also answers the need for manufacturers to comply with the French laws framing the maximum level of human exposure to electromagnetic waves. France is the most rigorous country in SAR market surveillance and has started to strengthen its controls. The number of SAR tested devices by the ANFR will double next year. 85% of the top-selling smartphones models sold in France will be tested.

ART-Fi warns its clients and prospects that today’s picking in production process will not be efficient enough in the next two years to prevent from other SAR market recalls and recommends to contact us to get production industrial experts advices.




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