Electromagnetic wave human exposure measurement: Official statements by Cedric O
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Electromagnetic wave human exposure measurement: Official statements by Cedric O


Following health experts recommandations, the French government entrusts the ANFR to increase its market control and reveals its goals for 2020-2021.

Cedric O, the French State Secretary for digital Transition & electronic communications, details the french strategy in human exposure to electromagnetic waves for the next two years.

In 2019, an official scientific report on human exposure to electromagnetic waves was released in France. 5G maximum thresholds: Following the report this study involving a large scientific corpus, Cédric O reminds that the report shows that all the health agencies (which hfve run controls in their country) consider that as long as the exposure limit values are respected, the health effects of 5G are unproven.

The SAR evaluates the radiation absorbed by the human body when using a radio - electric device: cell phone, smartphone, PAD , tablet, ... . 

The report highlights the robustness of the french RF waves exposure process, especially with regards to what is done (or not) in other countries. IT also recommends to strengthened the process to lead the 5G deployment. The french government has announced in September 15th 2020, that the SAR controls carried out by ANFR will be strengthened. A special focus on smartphones' SAR measurement is required.

In 2021, the amout of devices controlled by the ANFR will double, increasing from 70 in 2020 to 140 phones. This number goes beyond the action plan already announced by the government at the end of 2019. The aim of these controls is to check if the device (Smartphone, Pad, Laptop...) respects the maximum human exposure threshold.

To follow the french government road map, the ANFR will performs its test as soon as possible in 2020.

  • In 2020, 80 % of the top - selling mobile phones models will be controlled
  • In 2021, 85 % of the top - selling mobile phones models .
  • Best - selling 5G phones are included


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