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ART-Fi going to IMS show in Phoenix, 17-22 May 2015
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ART-Fi going to IMS show in Phoenix, 17-22 May 2015

Who is going to the IMS show in Phoenix on the 17th-22nd of May? ART-Fi will be there with an ART-MAN SAR Measurement unit.

Feel free to stop by our booth to get a demo on ART-MAN and take some live measurements on the system.

If you haven’t heard much about vector probe-array technology, which is leading the “Fast SAR” movement toward faster measurement systems, the benefits of ART-MAN are as follows:

  • Highly accurate
  • Measurement in seconds
  • Simultaneous measurements for 1g/10g
  • Uses highly accurate “vector” probes, a key evaluation point when comparing “Fast SAR” machines
  • No robot
  • No liquids handling
  • Combining reduced test time with the reduced total cost of ownership, the ROI proposition for customers is a whopping 480k (v.s. legacy systems)
  • Ideal for R&D environments, pre-compliance testing, and soon for certification testing (all trends point toward a fast SAR future)
  • Accepted by a Notified Body in Europe already
  • IEC-62209-3 promises to deliver full acceptance to vector probe-array technology