Disruptive metrological innovation


Advanced SAR measurement

D-PHASE® is the first and only measurement technology to measure all fundamental quantities involved in measuring electromagnetic signals (magnitude, phase, frequency and time). ART-Fi invested in this technology which applied to SAR* allows to avoid any interpolation/extrapolation and non representatives artificial test modes of wireless devices. For maximizing accuracy, ART-Fi exclusively applies physics' laws and wireless devices real emission modes.

* Specific Absorption Rate, Human RF exposure



Exclusive Phase direct measurement


Superheterodyne RF Receiver


Fundamental electromagnetic wave characteristics


Physics laws (Maxwell & Huygens)

D-PHASE® is a disruptive measurement technology inspired by the multispectral retinal imaging

Patented innovation

D-PHASE® technology is mult patented, from hardware to algorithms

Exclusive phase measurement

The phase of the electromagnetic field is essential for high precision measurement. It allows that the total field can be retrieved using solely physics’ laws without any approximations. This disruptive near-field technology natively generates real-time and precise measurement of antenna radiations. The D-PHASE© technology his future-proof for addressing today and tomorrow's key measurement challenges due to rapid and strong innovations in the wireless industry.

The simple principle is to avoid any mechanical movement of the probes: a fixed array made of several hundreds of probes immersed RF Vector probes in a wide band fluid integrated into sealed phantoms. The electronically real-time scan of the probes and combined with a vector spectrum analyzer for direct phase acquisition on radiofrequency signals (time-domain/superheterodyne).

D-PHASE® for 5G

For 5G mobile phones, the recent publication of the IEC 62209-3 standard recognizes the ART-Fi technology. This illustrates the industry needs for having sophisticated measurement technologies for SAR testing.


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Why using a RF Vector Receiver for the 5G testing challenges?

A wireless device emits radiations of electromagnetic fields (EMF) absorbed by  human tissues. This human exposure leads to human body temperature elevation.
The international scientific community of research on bio-electromagnetics has proven that the electromagnetic properties of the human tissues represent a linear propagation media for the electromagnetic fields. This property translates into a linear dependence of the rate of the human-body temperature, increasing the power of the transmitted EMF. In other words, variation of the body temperature evolves linearly with the SAR level.

Serious studies and extensive publications have showned that the 30 years old historical technology is limited to deliver the required linear measurement of the EMF power and its associated SAR. It is even more true that today's mobile phones embedds advanced modulations and complex radiation modes.

Historical technology is reaching its limits for the 5G forthcoming 5G challenges: the SAR measurement underestimation resulting from the aforementioned non-linearities - with the RF signal waveform complexity and modulation scheme - is becoming severely significant. As a consequence it puts the public health at risk. 


Innovative accurate SAR testing solutions using RF vector probe technology (D-PHASE®) seamlessly addresses the above-mentioned linearity issues and enables accurate SAR measurements of the new-radio and 5G connected devices.

D-PHASE® technology allows the measurement of:

- time-averaged power of the EMF
- specific absorption rate (SAR)
Those measurements are produced through a modulated RF signals vector spectrum analysis. For the same network frequency, it allows  to measure the SAR difference between various modulation technologies and bandwidths. 


High precision solution for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing & measurement. SAR measurement solutions. Manufactured in France. Precise SAR testing services.  SAR Testing for IEC and FCC | SAR Compliance Testing. ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies. ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation. All ART-MAN systems are manufactured in France. Solutions de mesures de haute précision du débit d'absorption spécifique (DAS).  

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