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ART-Fi LTE study leads to dramatic SAR test reductions for LTE devices

IEC PAS 63083:2017 passed, study based on ART-MAN results


Author: Benoit Derat
ART-Fi Study: Experimental study on the relationship between Specific Absorption Rate and RF conducted power for LTE wireless devices. View here.
Collaborators: Data collected and corroborated in an independent study by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB).
Results: IEC PAS 63083:2017, Specific absorption rate (SAR) measurement procedure for long term evolution (LTE) devices. View here.
SAR measurement system: ART-MAN SAR Measurement System
Funded by: Mobile Manufacturer's Forum (MMF)

How does this change measuring SAR for LTE devices?

The study by Benoit Derat of ART-Fi used more than 1,500 SAR and Conducted Power measurements to deduce important characteristics of the LTE modes that yield the highest SAR conditions for a given band. The results were corroborated in an independent study by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB).

Resulting in IEC PAS 63083:2017, test labs can now use the statistical correlation between conducted power and SAR measurements to dramatically decrease the number of test cases required for LTE devices.

This is expected to save the mobile industry time and money during an era of rocketing compliance budgets and increasingly delayed product launches due to the significant number of transmission modes to be tested for LTE devices.

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