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ART-Fi, leader of high precision solutions for electromagnetic radiation measurement 

Founded in 2010, ART-Fi devises innovative testing solutions for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurement to accelerate the development of innovation in the wireless industry with high precision solutions and contributes to protect the consumer health.

As a customer-centric and health-conscious company, ART-Fi brings the wireless industry in new directions with the aim to reduce the RF exposure in daily life by improving EMF measurement methods.

In 2014, ART-Fi revolutionized the SAR testing industry as the first to offer instant and absolute SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing solutions. ART-Fi’s core business revolves around ART-MAN, a broadband system that performs direct measurements in the time domain. ART-MAN uses a powerful, patented vector probe-array technology (D-Phase) to precisely measure the phase and amplitude of the electromagnetic field absorbed by human tissue.

ART-Fi holds several patents and has patents pending applications relative to probes, vector signal analysis and broadband tissue-simulating fluids.

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ART-Fi’s history started in 2007 in SAGEM Mobile offices, third worldwilde mobile phone manufacturer at that time. 

SAGEM Mobiles’ Quality Laboratory encountered a major difficulty in trying to reduce SAR to avoid SAR market recalls of mobile phones exceeding the limit. The aim was to reduce SAR while maintaining a high level of quality of service (connectivity, OTA performances). The measurement technology available during this period was slow, complex and expensive leading to several weeks to perform a single mobile certification!


The founder of this high level quality laboratory and three electromagnetism experts from Sagem Mobiles and French University Supélec, started the development of a fully innovative concept, to offer a brand new measurement experience to the industry. This disruptive near-field technology was identified as a strategic innovation and has leaded to a new international metrological standard: IEC 62209-3 standard.

The high level of performances of this technology called D-Phase leaded to create the ART-Fi company in 2010 with the aim to constantly secure humans to radiations by providing the highest level of accuracy as possible while maximizing the devices' transmission performances.

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Strong scientific and international standards contributor

After several years of leading work, a new international standard has been published which including the ART-Fi approach. D-Phase technology is embedded in ART-MAN which fully complies with all the requirements of this international standard IEC 62209-3.

ART-Fi’s Metrology Team specifically focuses on the evolution of the SAR testing regulations and will remain a driving force at the international level, thus guaranteeing that ART-Fi stays on top of technology breakthroughs. Besides, ART-Fi is recognized by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (www.mmfai.org) as a Center of Dosimetric Excellence.

ART-Fi experts are continuously publishing major scientific papers to contribute to the evolution of the state of the art in the domain. 

ART-Fi Commitments and People

All product lines and service offerings are under constant development and improvement to better satisfy the requirements of a broad range of demanding customers including Regulators, Operators, Test Laboratories, R&D Industry Centers and Production Facilities. Future innovations and developments are brainstormed and implemented by ART-Fi’s R&D and Engineering Teams including several PhDs, experts in Electromagnetics, Chemical PhD and engineers, electronics, RF & Microwave specialised engineers, Software and Mechatronics engineers and experts.


Words from the CEO

“As a former Mobile Manufacturer, I observed that Quality of Services and end-users’ health were both central values for the market.
As a former Head of the EMF laboratory also, I was not comfortable in having only one low-end technology available embedding very expensive tests and measurement products.

I expected that low-end measurement technologies will change the mobile industry regulators, manufacturers and accelerate the innovation process. The telco & IoT’s technologies were moving faster than the Test & measurement technologies.

Facing a frozen situation for many years, I decided to change this situation, by working hard and investing into a disruptive measurement technology to meet the new challenges of the industry: new mobile phones generations, several network evolutions, new customer usages. My aim was also to help regulators and manufacturers to launch new regulations and better but safer products.”

“I strongly believe that Tests & Measurements business has to be driven by customer-driven leaders and innovators to support the wireless industry deployment efficiently. This is especially true at the time when connectivity and health are in a central societal position”

I make a personal commitment with my team, to help my customers to develop their products using our solutions equipped continuously with the most advanced technologies in terms of antenna measurements.


Stephane Pannetrat
Founder & ART-Fi’s CEO


High precision solution for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing & measurement. SAR measurement solutions. Manufactured in France. Precise SAR testing services.  SAR Testing for IEC and FCC | SAR Compliance Testing. ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies. ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation. All ART-MAN systems are manufactured in France. Solutions de mesures de haute précision du débit d'absorption spécifique (DAS).  

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