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Robert Rogge

Robert Rogge

Robert Rogge is Communications Manager at ART-Fi, and has more than 10 years of experience in technical communications and entrepreneurship.

View our spectactular infographic explaining the history of vector probe-array SAR measurement technologies and their relation to FCC and IEC progress toward inclusion of these SAR technologies.
24 May 16
ART-Fi will buy back obsolete DASY 4 or DASY 5 systems on ART-MAN purchases, easing the burden of upgrade during this important period of transition for the industry.
12 May 16
Mr. Kwok Chan of the FCC signaled interest and progress toward incorporating sensor-array SAR measurement systems into the KDB system. But what does it ultimately mean?
21 Feb 16
ART-Fi is excited to kickoff the Mobile World Congress tomorrow in Barcelona! Find us at stand 6156 in Hall 6.
17 Feb 16
With our new Tuner Control Qualcomm integration, you can now streamline and roboticize SAR testing and compliance for Qualcomm Dynamic Antenna tuners.
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