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ART-Fi Launches Automatic SAR Measurement Solution
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ART-Fi Launches Automatic SAR Measurement Solution

May, 2015

“We call it the SARborg,” said Benoit Derat, CEO of ART-Fi. Smiling, he continued, “Because it’s a robot that runs through batteries of SAR tests completely hands-free. We have essentially roboticized the entire SAR testing component of launching a mobile phone to the market. A huge win for test labs and manufacturers.”

The SARborg fully roboticizes the task of running SAR measurements. You simply queue up the test battery you want to run, and watch the SARborg pick up the phone and run those tests for you.

A single SAR measurement with a SARborg equipped ART-MAN unit takes about 5 seconds. The SARborg can actually run about 200 consecutive tests completely hands-free in just over an hour. Just a few years ago, that might have taken more than a week.

The SARborg could actually run more than 200 tests completely unmanned, if it weren't for dropped calls. The SARborg can deal with dropped calls, but it requires you to pick up the call again. That's it.

Improved Accuracy and Repeatability

The SARborg is not only a huge win for test labs and manufacturers wishing to save time, but it's also a huge win for accuracy and repeatability.

Because the SARborg is absolutely precise in the positioning, deviation on ART-MAN measurements has been reduced, although it was already very low.

Robert Rogge

Robert Rogge is Communications Manager at ART-Fi, and has more than 10 years of experience in technical communications and entrepreneurship.

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