FCC Accepts ART-MAN results for Dynamic Antenna Tuners

Tuner Control makes it easy to run test sequences with dynamic antenna matching tuners in Qualcomm chipsets.

The FCC is also accepting those results. Contact ART-Fi to learn more!
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Dynamic antenna tuning technology is the future

According to Qualcomm, dynamic antenna matching tuners can improve the signal by as much as 63%, accounting for physical objects that alter the signal, like the user's hand. It is reasonable to expect this technology to be part of every phone in the coming years.
  • Challenging OTA performance requirements
  • Ever thinner form factors
  • Metal covers on high-end phones
  • It's smart to account for the user's hand position when using the phone

The SAR measurement challenge

Dynamic Antenna Tuner technology is part of the chipset, and creates additional antenna "states" that must be added to the SAR measurement matrix. The FCC wants thorough testing of all generated states to ensure that peak SAR is calculated precisely.

If validated though SAR measurement, the number of test cases increases significantly as shown by a simple example:
  • Single match device tested in 1 phantom position, 6 bands, 3 channels, 1 match = 6*6*1=18 tests
  • Tuner with 4 configurations tested in 1 phantom position, 6 bands, 3 channels = 6*6*4=72 tests

Tuner Control: handle tuner states automatically

Tuner Control by ART-Fi is an elegant solution to a difficult problem. Tuner Control cycles through the dynamic antenna tuner states of the DUT automatically, fully-integrating the tuner with the SARlab software.

SARlab makes it easy to setup your test sequences, reduce dropped calls, and has full support for Qualcomm tuners.

These are the most demanding projects in the world right now, and ART-MAN is the only system that can perform outstanding measurements in only a few days.

Download the Tuner Control Datasheet

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