ART-Fi at MWE 2016 in Tokyo, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2

Join us and our partner FARAD at MWE, Booth No. F-03, in Tokyo to discuss our antenna design, simulation, and consulting services, SAR compliance solutions as well as our new high-frequency, ultra-precise compact range.

With several positive movements in the FCC and the IEC, probe-array SAR technology at the fore-front of compliance lab acquisitions in 2016 and 2017. Stop by to find out what makes ART-MAN SAR measurement system special!

About ART-Fi

ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies.

ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation.

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    2 Rue Jacques Monod, 91400 Orsay, France
   +33 1 78 90 80 73
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