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ART-Fi changes the game with an innovative "end to end" solution that allows its customers to precisely measure in real-time the SAR level of a mobile phone or IoT device, from R&D departments to production lines.

The ART-Fi solution addresses the needs from mobile manufacturers, network operators, regulators but also refurbishers and distributors. ART-Fi allows to systematically measure the SAR in production of each unit produced. To prevent further recalls, ART-Fi’ SAR testing solution should be implemented in any manufacturing facilities without delay.


Real-time production-line SAR level monitoring

ART-Fi’s test in production offer is the first solution guaranteeing that each unit produced (mobile phone, laptop, tablet...) will be tested to compliy with the SAR level at the end of the production line.

It is the only way to avoid human interaction or multisourcing interference, which could highly modify the device properties. Thanks to this solution, any mobile provider is able to monitor in real-time each item produced before its market launching.

This technology includes all the ART-Fi’s assest.

First-ever electromagnetic scanner

The native capabilities of ART-MAN embedds a direct, authentic vector field measurement technology (vector probes array technology).

ART-Fi still innovates as part of its continuous improvement process based on its customers feedbacks trying to understand their needs and priorities to develop useful and accurate solutions.



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As part of a good risk management strategy, the ART-Fi Test in production solution will contribute to reduce the production costs but to improve the quality of the production. SAR market recalls have already cost millions of euros and have generated severe brand image damages among the mobile industry. Investing into systematic SAR testing in production is no more a "nice to have", but a "must have" for the regulators, customers, internal departments (R&D, Marketing, Finance, Quality...).

Today’s picking method is averaging 1,500 € per measurement. Depending on the production architecture and the brand needs, a single SAR measurement cost can fall to a few cents per unit with ART-Fi. Provisioning a SAR market recall implies a huge budget. Investing a part of this budget in ART-Fi's Test in Production will be enough to fully secure the production's complinace to SAR level. Also it is a very expensive risk for a Mobile manufacturer: fine is almost 10 times more expensive than ART-Fi solution.


Systematic SAR testing in production gives mobile manufacturers the opportunity to become a healthcare leader by advertising in their healthcare investments towards end-users. Taking advantage of this powerful marketing strategy, it offers to the ART-Fi customers the opportunity to position the brand on a new social aspect. SAR measurement transparency is a marketing attribute for consumers willing to know what the real SAR levels of their devices. This attribute is more and more popular among senior end users, pregnant women and the healthcare sector.


Recalls have resulted in very bad experiences for many customers. Based on French N°1 network operator recall analysis, 80% of the customers involved in a recall have been disappointed by the brand. In addition, 20% move to another network operator.

Media articles will even more contribute to damage the image of the brand involved in a recall. Network operators, Mobile makers and distributors agree on a new moto "No more recalls".


The SAR limit is gaining more and more interest from worldwide regulators. Mobile manufacturers’ quality departments have to face this burning issue driven by western countries like USA and France.

Also, investing in systematic SAR testing in production is gaining more momentum among network operators and distributors purchase department. From a “nice to have” attribute due to the lack of solution during the last decades to test each mobile phone in production, transparency has turned into a “must have” during the last 10 months. Due to its SAR testing experience and training center, ART-Fi has built partnerships with the most influential regulators worldwide, like the ANFR (France), the FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada). ART-Fi customers are informed of the latest market trends and regulatory updates. By monitoring the SAR of each Mobile phone, an ART-Fi customer will be able to meet a regulator for a workshop session or a face to face meeting to improve the quality of their production.


European mobile maker
  • ART-Fi has set up the first systematic SAR test in production for the Mobile phone industry targeting the EMEA and US regions.
  • ART-Fi monitors 5,000 Mobile phones a day and will develop new features for Mobile makers and refurbishers to help them analyse their SAR data.
  • Based on the ART-MAN scanner, ART-Fi has demonstrated an exclusive ability to identify errors on some electronic components and mechanical pieces affecting SAR and antenna performances.
Mobile maker
ART-Fi helps a Mobile manufacturer to overcome its deviation production issues

To help this Mobile maker answering deviation in production issues, ART-Fi blind tested several Mobile phones. ART-Fi identified deviations root factors. ART-Fi also identified back cover issues highly impacting the SAR. With ART-MAN in production, the Mobile maker was able to improve the multisourcing process to avoid deviation in production and to get a much quicker and accurate SAR data.

About ART-Fi

ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies.

ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation.

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